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What do I need to get started?
Any computer, laptop, or tablet with internet access and the Chrome browser.
How long does it take to get set up?
Getting set up in Pose takes only minutes.Setting up credit card processing can take a few daysdepending on the provider.
Does Pose have a matrix system for clothing sizes?
Pose has a different approach to the classic matrix. In Pose, you’d create a unique SKU for each item and add them to the corresponding category or subcategory.

For example, you have a “Train” t-shirt that comes in colors Red and Blue and sizes Small and Medium:

Create a category called “Train T-shirt”.

Now you can add the items to your inventory by giving each T-shirt a unique SKU, such as:

Pose displays the items and categories in a colorful “grid view” within the cash register for easy lookup. For quicker searches, you can scan the item into the checkout. Just be sure that the SKU matches the barcode on the item.

The benefit of this is that since each item has its own unique SKU you’ll be able to see detailed reports on how each color and size performs.

Can I be notified when my stock levels are low?
At the moment, we don’t have the capability to notify you when your stock levels are low.However, if you go into the management system and click “inventory”, you have the abilityto sort your products by “qty”. This will allow you to see which items are in need of reorder.
What does “receipt prefix” and “receipt number” mean during activation?
Some countries require you to add a “receipt prefix” on your receipts.To find out if your country is one of them, double check with your accounting department.Note: The USA does not require this.
A receipt number is your next corresponding receipt number.For example, if you’re moving over from another POS system and your last receipt on that system was 477,you would enter 478. However, if you’re a new business, simply enter 1.
How do I update my billing information?
Go into your management system and click on “Account” then click “Registration Details”.At the bottom you will see a button that says “Update Billing Details”.Follow the steps to do so.
Can I set different permissions by employee?
Yup! Employees can either have “cashier” or “management” privileges.These changes can be made in the “employees” section in the“management system”.
How do I organize my inventory?
The management system provides you with the ability to add categories.Just enter the management system and click on the “categories” tab.
How do I add my inventory to Pose?
There are several ways, actually. You can do a directimport with a CSV file, or upload manually.To do this, simply enter the management system and click the“inventory” tab. On the top left, you’ll see the options toadd a new item or import a CSV file. Clicking the “import”button will also allow you to download a CSV template.
Cash Register
How can I remove tax from store items?
Tax can be removed on the item by opening the item in the productssection in the management system and removing the tax for that item.(Note: You’ll want to be sure to re-add the tax on the item if the removal is only temporary)
How do I clear my transaction history?
Receipts can never be cleared once the sale is complete.If you need to reverse a transaction, you can simply do a “quick return”.
How do I scan an item into the checkout?
In order to scan an item into the checkout, make sure that your cursor is located in the search field just above the “products” in your cash register.The barcode number on the item that you are scanning MUST match the SKU number you entered for that item in your Pose inventory.
Does Pose allow split payments?
Yes, absolutely!
How do I void a transaction?
You will need to do a “quick return”.
Why does the print preview page appear whenever I print a receipt?
The print preview page is not a Pose feature, but rather a feature within the Chrome browser.
How do I remove tax from an order?
On the checkout, where it says “tax”, there is a button which gives you the abilityto turn the tax on or off for the entire order. If you turn the tax off, be sureto turn it back on before the next transaction. To disable this feature, go intothe management system, click “account”, then click “preferences”.Select “no” on the feature that says “enable ‘no tax’ button”.
What happens if my credit card declines for my monthly service fee?
You will need to contact your bank to make sure that your credit cardis setup for both international and online purchases. If your paymentis declined, we will contact you several times before a suspension is issued.
My Account
Where is my store information saved?
All your information is stored in the cloud on Amazon servers.
How do I backup my store information and inventory?
If you prefer to manually backup your information, you can do so by exporting your data into an Excel file.
Are there any contracts?
Absolutely not! Pose is contract free. The cost is $49 and you can cancel anytime.
What type of hardware would I need to purchase?

1. Barcode Scanner –
Any standard USB barcode scanner will work perfectly.

2. Cash Drawer –
You can use any standard cash drawer. Most standard cash drawers plug in directly to a receipt printer for power. So basically along with the cash drawer you’ll need a receipt printer.

3. Receipt Printer –
Most standard thermal receipt printers will work. For specific questions regarding model number, just ask us 🙂

What hardware do I need to purchase for an iPad?

Receipt Printers:
Star TSP 100 LAN
Star TSP 650 LAN or Bluetooth
Star SM S220i

Cash Drawer:
Any standard cash drawer with a RJ12 connection (similar to a telephone jack)

Barcode Scanner:
Socket Mobile’s 7Ci Bluetooth

Credit Card Processing
Which merchant services does Pose integrate with?
In the USA we are integrated with Payleap, Phone Swipe, and
Can I use my current merchant service provider?
Yes, you can. Basically you would ring up a sale in Pose, swipe the credit card for payment on the external terminal, and have the customer sign the printed receipt. Pose will keep a full record of the sale, but not the actual credit card details.
What is the credit card processing rate?
Pose is not a credit card processor or merchant service provider. The processing rates are determined by our affiliate partners or the local merchant service provider you choose to work with.
Can I still process credit cards while working offline?
Unfortunately, no. Without the internet, we cannot send the info to the credit card companies and for security reasons, we never store that information.
Are you PCI compliant?
Because we don’t store credit card information in the system, we are not required to be PCI compliant.
How can I reach customer support?
Email or call +1-347-809-6808
Does Pose work with multiple locations?
Technically, yes. All you would need to do is add an additional cash register to your Pose account.
Do you have an API?
Not at the moment, however this feature is coming soon!
What happens if I lose internet connectivity?
Because we use HTML5 offline caching, Pose works perfectly even while offline. Once your internet returns, Pose will automatically sync.
Do you have support for multilingual and multi-currency usage?
Of course! Pose is currently available in several languages and dozens of currencies. If we currently don’t support your language or currency, just let us know and we’ll add them for you.
Does Pose support barcode printing?
Barcode printing is currently in development. In the meantime, we recommend purchasing the Zebra 2824 barcode printer ($259) along with the Teklynx ($99) barcode printing software.
Can I use this over a mobile data (broadband, 3G, 4G) connection?
Yes, of course!
What happens if my device crashes?
All your data will be saved and you can continue working where you left off from any other device.
Can I purchase gift cards from Pose?
Pose doesn’t manufacture the gift cards, but you can easily find a “gift card supplier” online who will be able to produce what you need in bulk. There are many businesses that offer this service, therefore prices are competitive. As long as each card has a unique number, you’re set. Barcodes on the gift cards are only useful if you’re using a barcode scanner.
What accounting software does Pose integrate with?
Pose reports can easily be imported into XERO accounting software format for easy upload. If you have a XERO account, all you need to do is connect the account in the “preferences” section in Pose. Once that is done, click “reports” and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will see a “receipts” tab. When you click the receipts tab, click “Download report as: XLS”. Once that is done, upload it to XERO and voila!