The smart web-based POS for mobile phone stores

Whether you call yourself a smartphone store, cellphone store or a mobile phone shop. We love that you keep people connected. Make sure that you stay connected too – to your register, sales data, inventory, customers and so much more through the Pose web-based POS. As a store owner you need to wear many hats from advisor and expert to salesperson. That is where your attention needs to be. Our Point of Sale will take care of the rest.

Customer insights at the cash register

Lots of customers, endless SKUs and every type of payment option. Welcome to retail! It’s all okay.  Our smart and intuitive cash register means that you ring up a sale painlessly. At the same time quickly input new customer details or look up purchase history, preferences or notes for any returning customers. It is as easy as that.

Smart Sales Data

Grab a quick look at your sales in real time or dig deep. The choice is yours. Analyze your sales by item or sales type or date by day, week, month or year. From your smartphone or from your store. It is up to you where you want to see your numbers, just remember that our system takes the ‘complicated’ out of your store data and reports.

Categorization By Product or Type

Build your inventory categories and subcategories from phones brands and models to accessories or chargers. With our POS, uploading and downloading of bulk inventory and adding new products was never so easy. And the added bonus: using the easy to follow, self managed categorization makes working the cash register so much faster and smarter.

Fully Charged Loyalty Programs

Create loyalty groups based on anything you like – from iPhone to Android loves through to local  schools or neighbourhoods. Offer them rewards and discounts and use  built-in punch cards for their repeat purchases. You can also download your lists and start marketing to each group accordingly – to let them know about the latest smartphone launches or cases.   

Who doesn’t check their smartphone on a break?

Online Catalog 

An online store to connect with your customers: build an online catalog and showcase your store products. It isn’t complicated. Which is such a nice change! Simply upload images of your products when you upload your inventory and set your categories. Add your contact details, specials of the week or new product profiles. Just check out our own Sweet Store example here.

Device Freedom

Use a PC, Mac or iPad. We don’t mind. We work on pretty much everything. And no compulsory hardware or peripherals purchases. You don’t have buy a specific terminal. Cool right? You can get your own cash drawer, stand, scanner and printer. Because we believe in freedom. If you need some assistance just check out our hardware page or contact us.