Hype 11 Tea

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About the store

Martin Goman and partner, Crystal, own “Hype II Tea” based in Terrace, British Columbia. They started their shop 3 years ago based on their interest in the health aspects of tea. Crystal comes from a background of Business and Retail Management and Martin had no retail experience when they opened their brick and mortar store. Their store operates both a retail store and a coffee/tea shop. While they have a website, all online purchases are handled through Facebook’s ecommerce platform.

Hype II Tea also donates 5% of the money each of their customers spend annually to a charity of that customer’s choice. “Most charities chosen are local to Terrace, BC area,” said Crystal, “Terrace is a very small town with a population of 12K. We need to carefully match our customers with their purchases, compile annual reports, and be able to assure the right money goes to each of the chosen charities.”

How Pose helped us

“Prior to Pose, we had been using our own online database and a cash register,” said Crystal. Martin and Crystal appreciated that Pose was very intuitive when they began the trial, and that unlike others they tried, Pose could organize and track both by serial number and SKU. In addition, they found Pose to be extremely affordable and a great solution for their unique business.

While Pose, does not have a specific function that would allow them to keep track of the charitable donations, Martin said he was quickly and easily able to explain to Pose support what they were hoping to do and easily came up with a solution. “Our customers are now serialized and their purchases are tracked by SKU and placed under Pose’s customer notes function, which is then easily searchable,” said Martin.

Hype II Tea also utilizes Pose’s gift card function. Crystal contacted support as Pose had begun to design the gift card functionality. Hype II Tea was one of the first of Pose’s customers to use the gift card function while it was in beta. “While in beta, I asked Pose to make sure that the ending gift card balances were printed on the customer’s receipts and that we would be able to enter custom gift card amounts,” said Crystal. Crystal now says that numerous gift cards are purchased and that they are easily tracked. These gift cards have been responsible for an increase in their overall business.

Both Martin and Crystal have said that they have been surprised at how flexible Pose is and that it is very user friendly. “The customer support is fantastic. We’re very happy with Pose,” said Crystal.

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