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About the store

ProSharp Skate is a skate sharpening store that offers both sharpening services and a variety of periphery items. With a love of hockey and years of experience, owner David Laszlo started his store after leaving his career as a teacher. “I got started 28 years ago as a skate sharpener in high school,” he said. “I was trained by the guys who work for the pros.”

Laszlo first used accounting software to manage sales before he found Pose. “It was cumbersome and a difficult to use,” he said. “I was looking for an online POS system that I could specialize for my business.” Upon switching to Pose, Laszlo was able to streamline his business and use the hardware he wanted.

How Pose helped us

Laszlo needed a system that was not complicated and took customer needs into account. “I am Mac-based, and other systems were not easy to use,” he said. With Pose, Laszlo was able to create groups for store items and even customize a button for quick sales. “In 3-4 clicks, I have an entire sale done for a customer,” he said. “Customers want to be in and out.”

Smooth checkout is a must in his business, as many customers don’t have time to wait. To keep checkout flowing, Laszlo utilizes eReceipts regularly. “Now there is no waiting and no lost receipts,” he said. “They just call and I can have have a new receipt sent to them in minutes.”

As a primarily service based business, keeping his customers happy is very important. “Pose enables me to have better relationships with my customers at the counter,” he said. Along with providing better service, Laszlo utilizes customer loyalty programs and reports to track his progress.

“When I started, all I had was a skate sharpener and a roll of tape,” he said. “It helped me understand the business better.”