Stefanie Wolf Designs

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About the store

Stefanie Wolf Designs is a jewelry studio and art gallery on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, selling specialty pieces inspired by the ocean and island life. Over five years ago, Stefanie Wolf opened her own studio and store to pursue her passion for jewelry and her need to be creative. “Throughout my life, this was the hobby that kept popping up, no matter where I was,” she said.

Regardless of her location, Wolf was always inspired by the same thing. “I have always lived on an island or near the coast,” she said. “I find that it comes through in my work.” Since pursuing this path, her business is growing beyond her store, selling her jewelry online and in boutiques, museums and art galleries all over the US.

How Pose helped us

As her business started to take shape, Wolf needed a point of sale system that would help her stay organized and manage her brand. “Before I used Pose, I used to manually count inventory at the last minute with my employees,” she said. “One of my employees put her foot down and told me I needed a better system to manage my inventory.”

In addition to inventory management, accessible sales data was important to keep up with demand. Pose helped her keep track of special orders and best selling items so she could plan for production. “I am a data junkie,” she said. “Detailed sales reports are essential for planning the jewelry I want to make for the upcoming season.”

With the growing popularity of her jewelry nationwide, Wolf travels to various trade shows during the year. While she is away, Pose has given her the ability to keep track of her store sales and check in with her employees. “I setup my Pose account to automatically send me end of day sales reports,” she said. “It was cool that I could open reports on my iPhone, wherever I was.”

Pose also helps Wolf provide incentives for her staff to sell more. With the ability to attach an employee to a sale, Wolf easily awarded well-deserved commissions and tracked employee progress. “Pose helped me to motivate my team to be organized and increase sales,” she said. “It was in their best interest to label their sales because they would be compensated for their hard work.”

In the world of web based point of sale systems, there are lots of choices. Wolf did over 10 trial runs and spent months looking for the system that was right for her. “Pose had the best features, the sleekest interface and the best customer support,” she said. “I could set up an online cash register to meet my needs.”

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