2013 Resolutions: Better Checkout

Are you still using paper and pen to keep track of your sales?


With a new year around the corner, everyone has resolutions to make. Whether to improve the quality of our lives, or reach goals we were unable to accomplish the year before, we actively choose to be better.

Why should your point of sale be immune to improvement? With Pose, you can simplify your retail process and free up time to focus on selling more.

Checkout Resolutions 2013:

Promote Your Business

Start brainstorming. What can you offer customers that will get them in the door? What are your best sellers? Once you have decided which offer you are going with, take it to your inbox. Email marketing is a great way to notify your customers about an upcoming offer, and connect them to your social media presence.

Start a Customer Loyalty Program

Your returning customers are your best customers. Reward them for their loyalty. With point of sale systems like Pose, you can further incentivize customers to buy with specialty discounts, birthday gifts, and frequent shopper rewards.

Get Organized

Taking time to look back on the past year can provide you insight on how to better organize for the upcoming year. Whether your inventory, customer data or physical checkout, it’s time to clean house and fill in missing holes. With a smart POS, this process can be simplified, so you don’t have to waste time on it next year.
It is both exciting and stressful to start another year as a small business. Pose offers you an affordable point of sale you need to move into the future of checkout, without sacrificing functionality.

If you are interested in updating your POS or want to see our tool in action, try Pose for free for 30-days!

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