How To Make Your Customers Feel Awesome: Promotional Tips


Make your customers feel awesome, and they will return the favor. Here are some new promotional ideas to keep them coming back.

Reward Social Media Loyalty
Most of the world is on some social network or used Google at one point or another. You can capitalize on social sharing to promote for your store with attractive and easy-to-redeem incentives. Customers can be rewarded for submitting Google Reviews, posting about your store, or by checking-in.

Major Advantage: Social media based rewards help your store get higher visibility online. Online reviews help put your store on the map, literally (make sure you have a Google Places Page). These promotions are easier when your POS has a devoted customer loyalty program, or if you can apply discounts at the register.

Combination Discounts
Appealing to the human condition, this form of psychological pricing is touted by big wigs like Dan Ariely as a great way to increase perceived value. Equally so, you should have a POS that enables you to easily add multiples, and set discount programs to quickly ring up sales.

Major Advantage:  This type of pricing typically increases the average transaction amount, at little or no cost to you. Most of the time, these promotions are structured in way to convey a ‘good deal’ but requires little discounting. For example, if you have socks that cost $2.50, you can run a promotion like, ‘3 for $6.’ As a result, the customer is buying more, and it only costs you $1.00.

Start a Customer Photo Contest
Engaging customers with an incentivized promotion is one of the best ways to connect with them outside of the store. With the rise of sites like Instagram, which is connected to social networks like Twitter and Facebook;photo contests are a win-win. It garners attention for your store, products or services and creates user-generated online content. It works because it already mimics the behavior of many of your customers online. Attach a prize for the winner, and let the games begin!

Major Advantage: Photo contests are inclusive. They make customers feel like they are needed (at no cost to them) with an opportunity to win something. It is a fun, engaging, incentivized promotion, enabling you to connect to your customer base and promote for your store through their social networks.

Tip: If you haven’t already, set up a Facebook page.

Free Lessons
Who can turn down a free service? By offering a service-centered freebie, you can bring new customers into the store, and/or loyal customers that are already familiar with your store. For example, if you have a beauty store, you can offer a free makeup application or skincare consultation. You can even target this promotion further by scheduling it around special events. If you offer a free makeup application, you can market it during Prom season, or even for brides-to-be.

Major Advantage: This type of promotion gives you the opportunity to share your expertise, build trust among your customers, and make customers feel special. You can also increase your sales by promoting the products you used, so they can achieve the same results at home.
Partner with a Charity
Having the ability to contribute to charitable organization is not just another tax write-off, but it makes people feel good. By partnering with a charity, you are positioning your store as a supporter of the community, painting a benevolent picture for your customers. This type of promotion allows you and the customer to work together to give back, communicating a higher brand value.

Major Advantage: Not only do charity-based promotions give your store great PR, it shows that you can do more than just fulfilling profit-driven objectives. Timing is important here, because certain charities are more popular at certain points of the year. For example, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. People everywhere will be running races, purchasing pink bracelets, and attending benefits. Appropriately targeted promotions bring people into your store and encourage them to buy items for a good cause.

Inspired yet? When you choose promotions that make your customers feel awesome, you increase the likelihood they will remember you and keep coming back.


Melissa Eisenberg is the Marketing Director at POSE, a web-based point of sale system for small business. She has experience in content marketing, social media and taking innovative products to market. Leaves no store window unturned.