Need an additional register for the holidays??


‘Tis the season for additional registers!

Pose has always offered the ability to add and delete cash registers, contract free.  Now is the time to really utilize this helpful feature!  Open an additional register for the holidays for only $19 per month.  Simply DELETE the register when the holiday season is over and you will no longer be billed for it.


To add an additional register to your Pose account, login to your Pose management system and click “preferences” and then click “cash registers”. Be sure to choose a fitting name for your register.  (Note: We recommend using a dynamic IP address.)  Simply delete the register when the holiday season is over.  This will not affect your sales or reports in any way.


1) If you haven’t already, you will need to create employee user logins for each of your employees in the “Employees” section, because the same user cannot be logged into more than one register at a time.

2)  You may use the same EMV (credit card/external terminal) reader for all terminals.  If you have not switched to an EMV reader yet, please contact Lisa, our Queen of Support, and she will guide you through this process.

For any additional questions, email

Happy holidays from all of us at Pose!