This Valentine’s Day, Make Your Customers Feel Loved

Love is in the air, and so is Valentine’s Day shopping.


Don’t miss an opportunity to engage your customers and spread the love. One of the best ways to let your customers know you care is by doing something special.

Valentines day can creep up on all of us. We can forget until the last minute to get that vase of flowers, box of chocolates, piece of jewelry or sought-after dinner reservation.

Whether you are prepared this year or not, there are several things you can do to show your customers that they are loved.

Offer your customers something sweet. Even if you run a health-food store, no one will turn down valentine’s themed goodies. Our favorite is heart shaped chocolate. You can even take a page from the kid book and write valentines to your beloved customers.

Offer them added value. Hang a list of romantic restaurants (with contact information), in case your customer has also forgotten to make plans. Take it a step further and list close by flower shops and specialty candy stores.

Get creative and partner up. When offering your customers information about other companies, try to contact them in advance and ask them to partner up. Inform them about your specials and send them your contact information to forward to their guests.

Regardless of the type of business, no one likes to turn down a good deal. With word of mouth recommendations being the most successful way to create awareness and reach new customers, this effort is more than worth it.

Valentines Day could also be a great opportunity to collect customer information for a small, affordable incentive. For example, “Let put you into the system today for our loyalty program and you get a special heart-shaped lollipop.”

All love, no serious planning required.