Why should the area around your POS be clutter free?

Why should the area around your POS be clutter free?


You can’t throw out everything. So, here are some tips to to declutter your checkout so you can focus on what matters most; your customer.

Determine clutter value. Each thing on your checkout station has a reason for being there. Some things could be decorative, some functional, and others are just misplaced. Decide what items you value the most and prioritize to minimize mess.

Every item should have a home. Once you determine what items are completely necessary, find a home for them. You can add a organizer, utilize your drawer space, or get rid of an item all together.

One thing at a time. Rome wasn’t built in one day. Address clutter one thing at time, so you can find a more sustainable solution for the mess. Everyone is guilty of just stuffing everything into a drawer or just putting it somewhere else until you have time to organize it. Kick the habit and find a more sustainable solution for your clutter.

Maximize your space. There are lots of different organization solutions for your checkout. One great reference for ideas is Pinterest. The collective community posts great ideas to declutter and stay organized.

Find what you need faster. As a customer, it is pretty annoying when a store associate can’t find a pen. It makes the checkout experience longer and less efficient.

In light of a new year, its time to get organized. If not for you, for your customers.

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