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Does Pose have a matrix system for clothing sizes?

Does Pose have a matrix system for clothing sizes?

Pose has a different approach to the classic matrix. In Pose, you will create a unique SKU for each item and add them to the corresponding category or subcategory.

For example, you have a “Train” t-shirt that comes in colors Red and Blue and sizes Small and Medium. 

Create a category called “Train T-shirt”.

Now you can add the items to your inventory by giving each T-shirt a unique SKU, such as:



Pose displays the items and categories in a colorful “grid view” within the cash register for easy lookup. For quicker searches, you can scan the item into the checkout. Just be sure that the SKU matches the barcode on the item.

The benefit of this is that since each item has its own unique SKU you can see detailed reports on how each color and size performs.