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Having trouble with a feature? It could be there’s something stuck in your cache.

Having trouble with a feature?  It could be there’s something stuck in your cache and it needs to be cleared. 
First, you’ll want to sync your Pose system just to make sure that all your data has been saved to the cloud.  To do this, in your Pose register click the cog wheel in the top, left corner, then click “Sync”. 
Now you are ready to clear your cache by following: 

  • Exit and then re-open your Chrome browser
  • Click the icon in the top, right corner that looks like 3 dots
  • Select the “History” arrow, then select “History” from the dropdown
  • Click “Clear browsing data”
  • From the dropdown, select to “Obliterated the following data from” then select “The beginning of time”
  • Check the boxes for both “Cookies” and “Cache”
  • Click “Clear browsing data”