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Video Tutorial: Organize and Manage Store Inventory via your POS

This video tutorial will help you get your inventory set up and organized in the Pose Point of Sale. Strong inventory management is key for the smooth operations of any retail operation. Pose built its POS inventory system to meet the specific needs of small businesses while creating an easy to use system to keep your store running efficiently. Lisa, our Queen of Support runs through the various options to get a store’s inventory set up including:

  1. How categories work and how to keep your inventory organized (which keeps your register staff happy too by the way!) Faster checkout is faster service and we know that makes for happier customers.
  2. Learn how to manually add an item fast and easy and get those products being sold immediately – set the markup, or the price – whatever works for you.
  3. Adding an image or color code per item – whatever works for you and your team.
  4. The open ended item feature is explained and shows how it will help you with goods that change price regularly.
  5. In-store preferences – show some cool kickass features specifically for retail or food industries.
  6. The online section lets you provide the information you want for that item to appear in your online catalog.
  7. You can do a quick edit for items – which means you can delete or add quantities at your leisure.
  8. The import feature for mass uploads is clearly explained – how to download the CSV template so you have all the field values required by the system. Sounds complicated? It isn’t. Lisa shows you how.
  9. There is an export system so you can export all of your inventory into an excel sheet and see how your products are doing, update and reload or make a mass edit.