5 Things that Customers Love at the Retail Checkout

1. Fast service and fast lines. Well, no surprise there huh?! An intuitive web-based POS enables retailers to offer exactly that via a cash register with easy categories, built in-customer data and a seamless returns system to keep your lines to a minimum. A simple and smart register means that store employees can focus their energy directly on your customers and not on working out how to work out the checkout!

2. Recognition of their loyalty. There is nothing greater than the feel good factor of being recognized as a returning and valued customer. By offering purchase punch cards or incentives to your loyal customers – you are giving them that loving feeling. With the right POS, all you need to do is type in their name and their details will appear with their purchase history and any customer loyalty  group they belong to.  Oh, they mentioned that they adore special birthday blessings and promotions too! 

3. Lasting Impressions. The checkout is the final stop of your customer’s journey in your store and with your brand. It can still make or break or up a sale. And it is the place where customers want to be rewarded for their purchase. So be sure to keep it a warm, helpful and engaging experience. Regardless of the type of store, boutique or business you run, make sure you leave a good impression and express gratitude. It will keep them coming back for more.

4. Being ‘In The Know’.  Before starting promotions for an upcoming sale or new arrivals, have your employees start the buzz by telling your customers about them as they ring up their sales. There is nothing quite like getting an inside scoop to be shared with friends and colleagues.

5. No paperwork. But all the recognition.Customers want all the fun and benefits of loyalty: gift cards, punch cards, loyalty discounts – without the plastic and paper!  Nobody wants to carry around more stuff or and they certainly don’t want to miss out on their discounts because they forgot to. So, customers prefer stores that recognize them and their status via a name or phone number. A cool POS like Pose offers it all from inside the cash register.

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