About Us


Pose was founded to provide small businesses and retailers with an innovative Point of Sale system to smarten yet simplify their check-out while offering tools to develop their business and increase sales. With a strong focus on affordability & functionality, we created an intuitive, user-friendly and forward-thinking register to help small business survive and thrive.

Pose was built for small businesses of every type – from bakeries to barbers, boutiques to Bric a Brac and every type of store in between.  Many POS tools on the market are difficult to install, have limited capabilities, or are too expensive. Our cloud-based Point of Sale provides streamlined, highly-functional management capabilities to empower first-time store owners to family owned businesses.

We are committed to a creating the coolest POS solution that can be used on any device with a high-level experience and design.  We adapt our product to customer feedback and the changing needs of the market while continually improving functionality.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop flexible, user-friendly point of sale technologies that cater to small businesses. We value our the needs of our customers, providing a set of unified management tools that are affordable and easy to adopt.

The Pose POS makes the checkout process more efficient, customer-centric and simple to use. Our goal is to help small business sell more, increasing their bottom line without a hefty investment.

Designed with small stores in mind, we work closely with the Pose community of retailers to tailor our efforts and enhance the features to their benefit. We are focused on providing the best point of sale for the core needs of our customer.