The web-based POS for Jewelers

The perfect retail point of sale for your jewelry store. Make your customers and cash register sparkle with Pose.


Jewelry stores are all about very personal service and products. You bring a lot of joy to your customers each and every day and that is why the energy of your entire team should be focused on servicing your clients and closing deals. You can do this when you leave your point of sale to us.


Every type of customer, every day

Use the smart and beautiful Pose cash register, to ring up your jewelry store sales, input your customer’s details in a moment, with their purchase history and preferences automatically updated, CRM has never been easier. You can even make customer specific notes. All from the checkout and tailor-made offers or rewards that are perfect for them.

Sales data can be pretty, too

Pose POS lets you glance at your sales or dig deep and and analyze your sales. You can also break down your data by item, sale type, or date. The options are all there and they let you review sales in real-time, or by day, week, month, or year. Review what items are popular in your store and which employees are selling them.

A gem of an inventory feature

Upload and build your inventory categories and subcategories from jewelry and watches to materials and brands. Uploading and downloading bulk inventory and adding new products was never so easy. The uncomplicated categorization system makes managing your inventory so much easier.

Loyalty Programs that Shine

Create loyalty groups for your jewelry store, based on anything you like – from your VIP customers to specific brand-fans and followers. Organize them in the Pose management system, or add them to a group right in the cash register. Download your lists and start marketing accordingly. It’s that simple. Offer them rewards and discounts, invite them to your jewelry store events, make special offers for cleaning or appraising their items. Keep them coming back with Pose loyalty programs.

Your Online Catalog in an Instant

Use Pose to curate your products into an online store catalog: from jewelry sets to individual pieces. You can showcase all that your jewelry store offers, online, in minutes by simply uploading images when you upload your inventory and categories. Add your contact details, specials of the week and whatever categories you like. Then it is a simple click. Check out our Sweet Store catalog example here.

Device Freedom

Use a PC, Mac, or iPad. Whatever works for you. And no compulsory hardware or peripherals purchases. You don’t have buy a specific terminal. You can get your own cash drawer, stand, scanner and printer. Whatever suits your business, your store design and you. If you need some assistance just check out our hardware page.