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Video Tutorial: An Overview of Pose POS for Small Businesses

Learn how a web-based POS and cash register can help a small business to develop and grow. This lengthy tutorial, what we call the director’s cut, provides you with a complete overview of the comprehensive list of features and functions that this excellent POS provides to small retailers worldwide. Pose is made by people who love small business and is focused on providing an incredibly user-friendly platform – requiring little training.  The tutorial includes:

  1.  A review of the Pose cash register that combines functionality with incredible ease of use and insightful data. We show you how easy it is to check out customers and the minimal training required for anyone using it.
  2. Lisa, our Queen of Support explains how Pose works on pretty much any platform and device – so you don’t need to buy new expensive hardware for your POS.
  3. How a cloud/ web based Point of Sale enables all your store data to be securely stored on the cloud.
  4. Organizing your product inventory in your POS to achieve efficiency at the checkout, on the store floor and with the ability to review product sales.
  5. Keep customers loyal using the built-in Loyalty programs that every store manager can organize in minutes – including punch cards, loyalty groups and discounts and birthday rewards.
  6. Managing your store employees with time sheets and sales reports via your POS
  7. End of day reports were never easier than with the Pose POS. Just learning about that will brighten the day of any small retail owner.
  8. Making gift cards for your customers
  9. Managing your store data and digging deep into sales via the Pose reports