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Video Tutorial: Create & Publish your Beautiful Online Catalog

This how-to video takes you through setting up your store’s unique online catalog. It is so easy – you won’t believe it. And it is all part of the Pose web-based Point of Sale service. You get your own unique url so you can showcase your products to whoever you like. Inside the Pose management system – under preferences – hit the online tab and get ready to become a rocking retailer with your own web-based catalog. Using the images and inventory that you have already plugged into your inventory – the Pose online catalog system is a breeze to set up.  As Lisa, our Queen of Support demonstrates how to:

  1.  Decide on what you want to show: prices, SKUs, a featured section. You choose!
  2. Write about your store and selection of inventory in the About Us section and we always suggest you put up a photo – because the internet is all about visuals!
  3. The contact us section – be sure to fill it out correctly – so that people can find your store easily.
  4. Then we get to the really cool feature: the members’ club where visitors to your catalog can sign up as customers directly online. They will be automatically added into a group called online in your system. And you can even add them to a loyalty program- so they can begin reaping the benefits of their membership before they even enter your store.