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Video Tutorial: How to Add a Cash Register and Employees to your POS

Members of the Pose community often find that they need to add a cash register to their Point of Sale as their store develops or business picks up. As a web-based POS this is straightforward and cost effective. This tutorial shows how with one click in the Pose management system you are on your way. You also need to add employees to that additional register – so Lisa, our Queen of Support takes you through the entire process of adding staff to your register and the tools for managing them. Employee management was never so quick and easy. Just the way we like things at Pose: 

  1. Easy steps to to add and name your cash register.
  2. Setting up employees on the cash registers – it is important to remember that as a POS – we know your store security is important too. So no employee can be logged-in on more than one register at a time.
  3. Add employees to your POS, set up their username and password enabling them to clock in and out of work and assign each employee their role. And even if they are not working the register – they can use Pose to sign in and out each day so you can track all of your employee hours in one place. Pretty cool huh?
  4. Easy instructions to show employees how to use the time clock system in Pose so you can export their time sheets in an easy to read format.
  5. Commission based employees are assigned to sales as the customer sales are rung up. Then all you need to do is export the Pose sales report – for the day, week or month. This is a very cool feature that saves a lot of headaches for small business owners.