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Video Tutorial: Loyalty Tools to Show your Customers Love

This tutorial introduces shows you how to use the loyalty features that web-based Pose Point of Sale has created to make your customers feel even more special.The built-in loyalty features are an intrinsic part of our POS because we know that loyal customers are a key success factor for small retail. Customer loyalty management is not only for the big retailers like Sephora, Macy’s, and Best Buy. Pose has made sure that small stores have access to those tools too.
This how-to video will show you how to set them up in your store: 

  1. The Punch Card program is automated inside each Pose customer account. So no more lost cards for anyone to worry about. The tutorial shows you how to set-up your requirements for a punch and the card types (5 or 10 purchases) so you can start punching in your customer purchases and rewarding them from buying from your store.
  2. How to set up loyalty groups and discounts – whether it is by customer (special types or VIPS), by group (rotary, PTA’s or local unions) or a special event (Christmas party). Turn your customers into loyal customers, members and fans.
  3. How about setting up birthday treats for customers directly in your POS. Lisa, our Queen of Support will show you how to set up a reward for celebrating customers – on the day, week or month of their birthday. The Pose POS lets you set the time limit and the reward type. You will see how the gift icon shows up directly in the cash register when a customer with a birthday comes to the cash register.