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Video Tutorial: Make and Redeem Gift Cards in your Small Store

A great gift card program is key for any retailer and especially for small business and specialty retailers. Using a web-based POS make gift cards easy to setup, track and sell. They are a great and hassle free way for people to buy presents and ensure that their friends and loved ones get something that they really want.
This tutorial, put together by Lisa, the Pose Queen of Support shows you how easy it is to add gift cards to your store and open another sales channel for ongoing and new customers.
The first part of the tutorial covers setting up the administration side in the Pose management system. Straight under the customers section – the gift card tab features. Here you can set:

  1. How long gift cards can be valid for…it is up to you.
  2. Enable preset values for cards, as well as custom values so that a purchaser can choose any amount of money for their gift card.
  3. Select a custom tax option.
  4. Enable store credit for the redemption of your gift card. This keeps your customers coming on back. 

After a solid tour of the gift card management system we take you to the cash register where you see how easy it is to facilitate gift card purchases as well as the low-down on helping customers redeem their special gift card at the checkout. You can easily check out the status of your current gift cards sales at any time, as well as see what has been purchased with the cards.