The wine store & liquor store POS 

If your inventory is Cabernet, Chardonnay, or Champagne.  Pose mixes perfectly with them all.

The First Serving

Serving customers is priority No. 1 if you’re the owner of a wine boutique or liquor shop. Our web-based POS lets you do just that. While you advise and attend to your wine and spirits clients, our system will we take care of your point of sale from easy inventory categorization of wine, spirits, beers & accessories, through to recording your customer’s favorite tipple. 

Customer Checkout

Everyone loves a painless, speedy checkout especially if they are racing home to chill their wine before the guests arrive, or crack open a beer before the game kicks off. Our intuitive POS enables you to welcome back your customers, see their purchase history, and check them out quickly – all from the cash register.

Tracking Customer Tastes

Wine and spirits stores can use the Pose POS to record the purchasing history of each of their clients, in order to make tailor-make offers, invite them for tastings or give them return rewards. From inside the cash register, as you ring up their sale – simply pop in their name, email, phone number, even their social media details and keep their purchases all in one place.

Bottle up your loyalty programs

Create loyalty groups for your customers based on anything you like – from individual to bulk buyers, or whisky aficionados. Reward their loyalty. Give them discounts. Use the built-in punch card for their repeat purchases. Download your lists and start your target marketing. All in our POS. Yep.

Data – what sells more in your store?

At anytime, anywhere, you can grab a quick view or dig deep into your data whatever variables you like. You can even drill down real-time sales by product item from beer to a Bordeaux to see what’s selling by day, week, month, or year.

Categorizing your Liquor however you like

Upload and build your inventory categories and architecture quickly. There are no limits to SKUs and categorize your products to your own beat. Uploading and downloading bulk inventory was never so easy, and straightforward categorization inside the register gives your life a better taste.