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Video Tutorial: Get Your Store Ready for Sales with the POS Management System

This tutorial explains everything you need to do to get your store ready for ringing up sales using Pose – the cloud based POS for small businesses. This how to video shows you how to navigate through the management system and set things up including: 

  1.  Setting up your administrative details and preferences – to make your store work seamlessly behind the scenes.
  2. Here we show you how to set up your receipts and orders preferences, including personalizing your store message for your receipts, and setting up your printer correctly.
  3. A quick review of how the online catalog works and how, within minutes your store can be online with its own catalog that can be shared with customers and potential customers alike.
  4. The all important setting up of your payment providers – so that your cash register can start cranking out sales and credit card payments. There are a number of different options. And remember you can always contact Lisa, our Queen of Support, to assist you with any questions.
  5. Creating your customer settings – from adding new ones to mass edits, loyalty programs, birthday rewards, punch cards and gift cards. You got it all in this tutorial.
  6. Setting up employees and attendance tracking – it is so fast and easy that you shouldn’t blink during this part or you may miss it.
  7. Inventory and categorization in the management system. In this specific tutorial there is a quick overview to get you set up quickly. There is a more in-depth video just about inventory management in the POS.
  8. Pulling out your data and reports – so you can drive your business and see what items are driving your sales.
  9. No management system tutorial would be complete without explaining how to shut down the cash register at the end of the day. And receive your end of day reports straight to your inbox.