Simplify your small business.
Move to the cloud.
Pose is a web-based POS system designed exclusively for small businesses.  Thousands of retailers worldwide have already grown their business with Pose.  Get started in minutes.  All you need is an iPad, Mac, or PC.  
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Faster checkout...

Scan or tap a product in the menu to add it to the checkout.  With Pose, it's easy.  Customer lists, receipts, all available at a click!

Manage customers directly from the register itself...

Add customer details, keep track of their loyalty groups, and monitor their purchases directly from inside the cash register.

Real-time, detailed reports...

Login and check on your shop from anywhere in the world, for in-depth, real-time reports which can be exported directly to Excel. Your accountant will love you!  

Gift cards, and punch cards, and VIP rewards, oh my!

With Pose, you can reward your customers for their loyalty.  With built-in electronic gift cards, punch cards, and a variety of other loyalty features, your customers will keep coming back again and again!

There's more where that came from!

Get Pose today and streamline your small business.

Pose was built with love by retail experts, especially for small businesses.

"We wanted to find a user-friendly, simple system, with excellent customer service. That is exactly what we found with Pose."
Carol Jordan - Owner, Sesroh Tack Shoppe