Photo Shop

About the store

Printing famous pictures from the past, this photoshop carries a story that precedes its reputation. Started in 1940 by photographer Rudi Weisenstein and his wife Miriam, Zalmania showcases photographs from important moments in Israel’s history.

This family-run business was passed down to their grandson Ben Peter, who travels the world exhibiting his grandfather’s portfolio. Recently, his story was told through the documentary “Life In The Stills,” and is being viewed by audiences worldwide.

“As well as historical events, our photos chronicle small and touching moments,” according to Peter. “We are always discovering new things, exposed to untapped photos everyday.”.

How Pose helped us

Before Pose, Zalmania didn’t even have a register. Switching from a paper system to a web-based register helped them get organized. “Pose made a lot of order in our shop, because it structured our inventory list, helping us define our products,” he said. “Now we can define amounts, prices, and product lists in a system I can use from anywhere.”

A POS that’s easy to use

With an easy-to-use interface, Zalmania has taken advantage of customer and register features as well. “Being able to easily add customers, apply discounts, and define miscellaneous items during checkout has been incredibly helpful,” he said. “The icons are very easy to read, and our staff can add multiple items at a time.”

Although the Zalmania staff is not technologically oriented, they have found that Pose’s has enabled them to connect with their customers and better manage their business. “Before Pose, we didn’t have a yearly plan,” he said. “By using the reports section, I can build a financial plan for the next year.

More customer data means more marketing options

In addition to reports, the customers section of the management system provides Zalmania the information they need to target their best customers. “Pose has helped tremendously with starting our newsletter,” he said. “It is really easy to export a list of customer contact information to send out our sales, promotions and special events.”

Peter’s business is booming, with no time to worry about their point of sale. “Our POS streamlines the selling process, allowing us to quickly check customers out without complications.”

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