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About the store

Are you a doctor or a nurse looking for a new set of scrubs? You’ll probably want to pick some up at the place that one reviewer described as the “best place to buy scrubs hands down!” They even went on to say that at Theo’s Niche Scrub Shop “The people are always super friendly and make your shopping experience great.” What more could you want? Head on over to Lincoln Park, Michigan for professional quality scrubs and excellent customer service. Greg and Theo Nycz own Theo’s Niche Scrub Shop and will tell you that Theo’s Niche is “a small family business that sells medical wear and accessories to doctors and nurses.” The quality and selection that they offer is definitely why they are hold a perfect rating according to their customers.

How Pose helped us

“Prior to Pose we did it all the old fashioned way,” said Greg. “Regular cash registers and pen/paper. It was starting to hold us back from the growth that was knocking at our door. We did physical inventory on a regular basis that was starting to be very timely. It was becoming costly to keep up on customer loyalty programs. We started growing at a rapid pace and knew it was time to get very serious about keeping ALL costs down as much as possible, and a great way to start was with a POS system that tackled everything! We needed something to help manage inventory, customers, employees, and sales while being cost effective for a small business. Achieving more work in less time was the goal.”

A POS with everything for a small business

After some tedious time on the internet, Greg found several POS systems and narrowed it down by reading about features and eliminating POS systems that didn’t offer all-in-one options.

“We chose Pose because we felt it had a lot of options to solve our everyday needs, while being very affordable,” he said. “We liked the customer loyalty programs it offered. We already offered a punch card reward program, so it is nice to be able to have it all electronic for the customers now. It also allows our clientele to be able to take advantage of discounts more often. Also it was a no-brainer at the low monthly cost. It was time to get into the 21st century!”

A POS that fits

Trying to switch over to a new system can definitely be frustrating. However Greg went on to say that it was easy to add Pose to their everyday routine. “Pose was always there for us 24/7, answering any and all questions we had,” he said. “It is the way of life now. I don’t know how we managed to go so long without a POS system at all. Pose has made life at work a lot easier. We can get information with a couple clicks, making more time for everything else.

Work on-the-go

The freedom that comes with a web-based point-of-sale system was apparent to Greg and Theo immediately. “We love that we can log in anywhere and access our account, allowing us to work from home,” said Greg. “We also love that at the end of the day, no matter who is closing the shop, the email always comes through with the day’s take. The reports tell us what we need to know until we go in the next day.

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