Sesroh Tack Shoppe

Horse Supplies

About the store

So you’ve traded in that gruelling city life for a peaceful place in the country. All you need is that dazzling horse you’ve been dreaming about your entire life. Once you’ve found it, you’re going to need to take care of it. That’s where Sesroh Tack Shoppe comes in. Located in Smithfield, Virginia, Sesroh has everything you could possibly need for the horse lover in you. “We sell all items for horses, including: tack, hay, supplements, and riding supplies,” says owner Carol Jordan. “We also sell gifts, many of which are made by local crafters. We make custom decals (like the kind you put on your car). We supply the local show riders with their show clothing including boots, pants, jackets, shirts and helmets. Our market ranges from backyard horse owners to upper level show riders.” However, what is most important to Sesroh are their customers. “The customer is the most important person in our shop,” says Carol. “Everyone is greeted when they enter the shop and we check back with them during their visit.” If you take a look at their reviews, you will also see that Carol’s customers love her just as much as she loves them. One reviewer said, “Carol was amazing and so helpful! A great selection of new and consigned items! Don’t miss the Breyer horse room! Wowza! We will be back! Worth the drive from Virginia Beach!”

How Pose has helped us

Prior to choosing Pose, Carol had a few issues with point-of-sale software. “We had a very cumbersome system with terrible customer service,” she said. “We had to figure everything out on our own and knew we were not using the system to it’s full advantage. We were very frustrated with the product and were paying way too much for service agreements.”

Carol got started researching systems that would not only be easier to use, but would also offer better customer service, more features, and all at a more attractive price. She signed up for several free trials and played around with many different POS systems that she thought might be a good fit for her retail shop before settling on Pose. “I did A LOT of research. We wanted to find a user-friendly, simple system, with excellent customer service and still have the capability of generating reports,” said Carol. “That is exactly what we found with Pose. Pose was the best for us. It was very simple. Very easy to train our employees.”

A POS on-the-go

Carol went on to say that she loves being able to access Pose from anywhere, in addition to the stellar customer support she receives. “Since it is cloud based, we can literally do business from any location,” she said. “Its ease of use has made it simple for all our employees to check out our customers. However, the most outstanding feature was the customer service. Even during the trial phase, all my questions were answered with lightening speed. That impressed me along with the ease of use.”

A cash register at the right price

Like every small business owner, cost was definitely a factor in making the decision to upgrade to a new POS system. “We saved money using Phone Swipe for our processing and we saved a TON of money by not having the expensive service contracts that we had with our other system,” said Carol. “Pose has simplified our check out. Any questions/issues with anything related to Pose (receipt printer, credit card terminal, barcode printer, barcode scanner) have been professionally handled and handled very quickly.”

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