Fashion Boutique

About the store

Segal 50 is a high end fashion boutique that specializes in clothing, home decor, and beauty products. After working in corporate media for many years, owner Michelle Haramati-Portal traded in her hectic city life for her dream of opening a small boutique shop.

“I realized that one of my hobbies was a deep passion of mine,” said Michelle. “I view fashion as being adaptable, so that anyone can find something they love.” Her store is just that, housing fashionable items that are both useful and wearable.

How Pose helped us

Before Pose, Segal 50 was using paper and pen to keep track of their sales. “Having never used a cash register before, Pose was incredibly easy to use, and helped me get organized,” she said. “Once I got my inventory organized, I was able to double my amount of suppliers.”

Getting organized not only helped with her inventory, but with her financial planning and growth. “At the click of a button, I have detailed sales reports which helped me evaluate how I could further develop my business,” she said. “Within a year, my sales have doubled, and my accountant loves me.”

Manage your shop from anywhere

After starting her business, Michelle has rarely gotten the opportunity to take a vacation. With the ability to manage her store remotely and set employee accounts, she was finally able to hire an employee to help her around the store. “It was such a relief to be able to hire an employee, “ she said. “I finally got to take a vacation with my family, and see how my store was doing in real time from my laptop.”

A POS with customer loyalty

As one of Pose’s first customers, Michelle has been using Pose for over a year. With the addition of new customer loyalty programs, she has been able to further connect with her customers. “Pose helps me know my customers better, and as a result, I have increased the number of my regular customers,” she said. “It is a great feeling to be able to share your passion with others.”

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