Craft Studio

About the store

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, CREATE is a family-friendly craft studio offering birthday parties, ladies nights, summer camps and much more. Owner Lisa Waddell worked in retail management for many years before deciding to open her own business where she could really incorporate her passion for arts and crafts.

For nearly 5 years, CREATE has been bringing creativity into the lives of people of all ages. “Business is a bit slower during the day when school is in session”, said Lisa, “but our field trips from pre-schools, girl scouts and birthday parties tend to pick up. We also tend to get have more ‘Ladies Nights’ and ‘Team Building’ events.”

How Pose helped us

“My children assist me a lot in the shop so I wanted a point-of-sale that was very user friendly. In addition, the gift card feature was a deal breaker.” Lisa had hundreds of outstanding gift cards from a previous point-of-sale. She was worried she would have to keep track of them manually. “The customer support I receive from Pose is outstanding” she said. “All I did was send an Excel file with the outstanding numbers and balances and Pose uploaded it to my account the same day. I never imagined such a reasonably priced POS would come with the level of support and that it would be free.”

Customer loyalty has been a lifesaver

The loyalty programs which Pose offers allow Lisa to keep in touch with her customers regularly and during the off seasons to keep them coming back. By allowing her to keep track of a variety of customer details, including birthdays, Lisa has the ability to contact her customers on their special day with rewards and promotions which are already built right into the point-of-sale system.

A POS that keeps customers coming back

“Adding coupons to mailings drove in very little business. Customers who are rewarded on dollars spent and/or the times they have visited the studio work best” said Lisa. “With Pose, I can keep track of how much a customer spends and how many times they have visited the shop.”

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