Dave & Esty

Jewelry Store

About the store

Dave + Esty is a small boutique store that creates unique, handmade jewelry. About three years ago, Dave and Esty designed their first collection, and haven’t looked back. With a background in metalworks, ceramics and glass, they produce one-of-a-kind pieces that represent their vision.

“We call ourselves a ‘jewelry lab’ because we make and design everything above the store,” Dave said. “We aren’t afraid to experiment.” With everything in-house, they only sell from their store, channeling their passions into beautiful, wearable art.

How Pose helped us

As creatives with a retail startup, Dave and Esty were not looking for a complicated or expensive point of sale. “Pose was different than the other cash registers because it was affordable, and gave us the opportunity to grow,” Esty said. “As designers, the interface was incredibly attractive to us, as the other registers could cause seizures by just looking at them.”

A simple POS

While they may have not needed a great deal of functionality in the beginning, Pose helped them when they needed it. “Pose lets us see what is going on with our store, wherever we are,” said Dave. “We now are free to travel to shows, and have hired an employee to run the store when we are away,” he said.

Dave and Esty center their business around the creation process, and needed a register that supported their vision. “We love the Miscellaneous button, “ she said. “Many of our items are one of a kind, so we have no reason to add them into our inventory list.”

The perfect cash register for a small business

As they grew, they found that running a small business requires managing a lot of details. “This is the perfect cash register for small business,” Esty said. “With easy reports and the flexibility to manage our store the way we want, it feels like Pose was created for our needs.”

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