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About the store

“Love this car wash! My car always looks amazing when they are done. Love the people who work there. This is the only place I will take my car,” said one customer. “My car looks amazing, everybody was super friendly,” said another. It’s pretty clear based on Farmingdale Car Wash’s online reviews that this the car wash to go if you want professional service with a side of excellent customer service.

Servicing the Farmingdale, Long Island area for several years now. Owner Nick Lee tells all car lovers in the area that this is the place to go for a “serious car wash”. “We are a full-service car wash with a focus on consistent quality and value,” says Nick.

Oh wait, did we mention Nick also owns the Red Lion Car Wash as well? Also located on Long Island, on Sunrise Highway, because two is always better than one. Nick uses Pose at both shops, of course!

How Pose helped us

Keeping tabs on customers, sales, and employee management became troublesome for Nick as Farmingdale was still using a generic cash register that offered no helpful features to keep his business running smoothly. He began looking for an all-in-one point-of-sale system with the built-in features his standard cash register was missing.

Customer support and a low price

“I found Pose using a standard Google search for point-of-sale systems. I chose Pose for my shops because it met all my requirements and at a very reasonable price, as well. Also, the customer support I received from Pose during the trial was absolutely amazing,” says Nick.

Customer loyalty is a major bonus

In addition to great customer support and a fair price, Nick was also looking for a point-of-sale system that encompassed all his needs in regards to customer loyalty, rewards, and gift cards, that other POS systems didn’t offer or charged extra for. “We specifically targeted a POS with built-in loyalty and gift card modules without having to purchase add-ons or integrate with more vendors,” said Nick. “Many companies would offer one or the other, but we needed an integrated system for our lower volume needs. We also staff seasonal cashiers, which made the learning curve very important when choosing a POS.” Prior to choosing Pose, Nick faced several issues. “We had very little transparency in regards to our sales patterns, which made it very difficult as an owner to staff new employees and also improve sales revenue,” he said. “Our conventional cash register was reliable, but it gave very little insight into running or improving the business.”

We’re thrilled that Pose has been able to help Nick run, not one, but two successful small businesses.

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